Why should the anti-counterfeit yarn woven label be hemmed?


Anti - counterfeit yarn woven label is generally woven edge or cut edge.

However, we often see that there are locks around the woven marks. 

Some customers think that there are also locks around the woven marks. In fact, this is a wrong understanding.
The woven label is edged, which is the process of subsequent addition.
Hemming is a sewing method used to weave the edge or buttonhole of the label. 
The stitches are very close and the lines are oblique or hooked together to prevent the stitching of the label from coming loose.
It has the function of consolidating the computer woven label.Hemming is very common in woven label fabrics. 
In the requirements of garment accessories, What many customers worry about is whether the fabric is strong enough. 
In fact, for such questions, our old-timers have long had corresponding methods.
They have a series of methods, such as touching, over sizing, of course, what we say is the edge, to a certain extent, 
it has the role of reinforcement, At the same time can also be said to weave out the trademark more beautiful, 
more three-dimensional sense.