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company Strength

The company has introduced more than 100 sets of advanced textile equipment.

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Good service

We provide high efficiency and flexible solution for different lines customers from all over the world And experience it. 

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Excellent technology

 Angel has been committed to garment accessories wholesale and all kinds of accessories design, development, production and sales.

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Sales volume

Products are mainly sold in Europe and the United States market and domestic foreign trade garment factories, now the monthly turnover can reach 3 million.

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About Us

Angel Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. is a professional production of crocheting, shuttleless two categories; Flexible, inelastic ribbon, and nearly a thousand kinds of accessories products production of high-tech business enterprises. Has been committed to clothing accessories wholesale and all kinds of accessories design, development, production and sales. Our company can be customized according to the different requirements of customers, such as dyeing, ribbon products with light resistance, high temperature resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, do not fade and other characteristics, the products are widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, bags, toys, cars, handicrafts, medical equipment and other industries as auxiliary materials. Our company was founded in 2010, is located in the world famous manufacturing city - Dongguan. With the joint efforts of all the members of our company, Angel Garment Accessories has become one of the excellent garment accessories suppliers at home and abroad.

  • Why should the anti-counterfeit yarn woven label be hemmed?

    Some customers think that there are also locks around the woven marks. In fact, this is a wrong understanding. The woven label is edged, which is the process of subsequent addition. Hemming is a sewing method used to weave the edge or buttonhole of the label.

  • What is jacquard ribbon jacquard ribbon process introduction

    Jacquard after the appearance of the ribbon three-dimensional exquisite, jacquard pattern durable friction, never deformation.Brand jacquard, logo clearly visible, bright color, very grade, can not only increase the added value of products, It can also enhance the brand image.The unique pattern j...

  • How to distinguish the quality of webbing?

    There are many types of webbing in the webbing industry, which are widely used in various industrial sectors such as apparel, trademark printing, shoe materials, luggage, industry, agriculture, military supplies, and transportation.

  • Dyeing process of garment accessories webbing

    here are two main methods for coloring textile ribbons. One is the most widely used dyeing (conventional dyeing), which is mainly to treat the textile ribbons in a chemical dye solution. Another method is to use paint, which is made into tiny insoluble colored particles to adhere to the fabric. ...


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